Why not get kids together
Gather them proudly for all to see
Around an infinite deep pool
These kids will line up in twos
And throw in that pool
Forever in that pool
With somber faces will they toss
With memories of ones lost
With the pin mechanisms of the guns
That killed mindlessly our beautiful little ones



Sweet serenity surrounded the freshly snowed slopes
Pinnacles like fingers scratch the sky
People fall and wonder why
Adventuring around like mice in a maze of cheese
Yes, yes more if you please
Poor old knees

Slowly snow begins to freeze as day ends leaving marks of moments relived again and again like a war story yet others are left to be forgotten like an obscure artist fleeing a failed exhibition


He walks the seediest city streets in search of a whore who let’s him break all the rules

He empties himself his precious fluid onto the concrete of a trillion steps

She continues on her barren and lonely way while he recovers

Then with a final insult to life itself he grinds with the heel of his shoe the precious seeds into the concrete

He suddenly feels the significance


Break downs caused by friction
Trivial and wonderful friction
Sliding with manners and charging that matters
Exiting again onto a different stage and into another world where colour blooms with song


Words sometimes just get in the way
Words sometimes don’t fit the same
Words aren’t what’s making me feel this way
Words have closed my eyes and forked my tongue
But I didn’t mean what I said it’s only words and I got them wrong in the drunk of night
It’s only words but if it hurts so bad you’ve gotta change your worlds
Before it’s too late
Before you hate
Sometimes words get right in the way
Sometimes words won’t let you say
Now it’s these words that make me feel this way
Words are changing
Words of happy
Words of peace
Words of love
Words to gift
Moving words to make you smile
Sometimes words to help you glow
Sometimes words to lift you up and help you grow


Lost frequently in my own world of lostness
Where time folds over moments momentus
Music people rhythms
Jilted stilted sometimes smooth
Colours bright, colours swirly colours deep helping make sense of…the boundary the edge
Then I see her eyes
They let water splashing in into another field
Like a musical note in an abstract song sometimes smooth sometimes stilted never anymore though jilted
Stop watch me as I’m sliding because it’s happening again
I’m caught in this swirl
A great big colour swirl

Some Cunt Called Sam Hunt

Legs moving arms swimming trucks rattle rubbish into the sky to set the scene with a mourning son.

Splashing words on a page hearing them crushed in a song when an ode floats in, a clever bloke who’d taken a bunt

Sam hunt, get that hair out of your mouth tell us again what happened down south, in the koru lounge, on the roundabout

Lift our hearts to open our ears
Give us your spirit again with a verse about the moon
Take us to Ruapehu, intimate with a daisy
A distant chuckle that could be a stream

Hypnotise us with the chant, charmed, swaying, a dream, an electric charge
Watch him surf the highway of words with the voice the warmth of a fire his desire-a Jag and a dag called mate


Laughter echoed
about the town
with hollow hills
and soggy ground
where dogs roam
and cats die
where people visit
and wonder why

drives me like
An engine drives wheels
You want me to be angry again
Expect a mess. You want impulse
give me passion. You want peace
then be peaceful rest your head
in love then soften your voice
and touch me with hello
Cut my soul you
Won’t see me
Before I


The pen that slides in the book not far away reflecting the wind that makes trees sway
Reflecting the orange and grey off an ocean and a weary day

Crushing thoughts destroying souls melodramatic roles insisting pleasure dying to live in a world of wrongness

Staying together recitefuly yours
Slipping away the moment of a pen
Dancing on a page under the full moon with the sway of music and love